Buyer Agents!

This site is for you:  the professional Buyer Agents who are tired of being treated like second-class citizens.

Have you noticed that real estate training & coaching ignores you?

I believe a career as a professional Buyer Specialist can be profitable, sustainable, and fulfilling.  This platform is intended to help you learn, grow, and share your profession with others like you.  Working with buyers is more than just a business necessity, it's a profession that deserves respect.  Your expertise enhances your clients' experience and benefits your team as much as a listing agent.  Join us here to propel your business "higher with buyers."

What's in it for You?

​Free Ham

Scripts, worksheets, and buyer resources you can use in your business.  Why reinvent the wheel?  You have enough work to do!

Professional Growth

Your buyer business isn't an afterthought, and neither is your personal devleopment. You'll find articles and resources designed specifically for you to enahance the professionalism and effectiveness of your buyer business.

Peer Interaction

Sometimes we all need to bounce an idea off another professional.  Our online community can help you learn from others who have faced the same challenges you have.  Plus, you can give back to other Buyer Agents as well.

Fresh Ideas

Lead generation doesn't have to mean cold-calling for listing prospects and pestering everyone in your address book.  We'll share different methods for finding buyer clients with specific action steps you can implement on your own.

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My name is Scott Parman.  I’m a family man, veteran, and for the last 5 + years, a Buyer Specialist on a real estate “mega-team."  Before that, I spent a decade as a sales rep and sales trainer in medical device sales.  I prefer the buyer side of real estate because I have a passion for enabling others’ success.  As a professional Buyer Specialist, I get to help people succeed in their real estate goals every day.  I look forward to sharing my mindset and methods of success with others.